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Serving dieters and diabetics since 2003

SetPlan Meal Replacement Shakes CLEARANCE Best Before 31 October 2017

SetPlan Meal Replacement Shakes CLEARANCE Best Before 31 October 2017

Ref: ALH075ZCL

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Avidlite Dietimeal/SetPlan Meal Replacement Shakes, Box of 7 sachets. Strawberry or Banana flavours. High protein, low carb, added vitamins and minerals. Suitable for low carb dieters, high protein dieters, low glycemic dieters, other dieters and diabetics, and for people after gastric surgery in consultation with their doctor. For a meal replacement mix with skimmed milk (see below). CLEARANCE OFFER: best before (not use by) 31 October 2017 for Strawberry, 30 November for Banana. Normally 7.95, now only 2.95.

INGREDIENTS based on Chocolate flavour when mixed with water: Protein blend (skimmed milk, calcium caseinate), Fructose, Cocoa (11.5%), Oligofructose (chicory root extract), Soybean oil, Flavours, Vitamin and mineral mix, Potassium chloride, Acidity regular (sodium citrate), Emulsifier (soy lecithin), Palm oil, Glucose syrup, Thickeners (carrageenan, guar gum), Sweetener (aspartame, contains phenylalanine), Anti-caking agent (silicon dioxide).

ALLERGENS: contains milk and soy.

NUTRITION INFORMATION per 1 sachet (35g) serving, when mixed with water: 131 kCal, Protein 11g, Carbohydrates 12g of which sugars 10.2g, Fat 3.4g of which saturates 0.8g, omega 6 1.1g, Fibre 4.1g, wide range of vitamins and minerals (listed on box).

Mix with skimmed milk, or cold liquid of choice.

Net carbs The main sweeteners (fructose and oligofructose) are lower glycemic than common sugar (sucrose). Fructose is the sugar naturally found in fruit and oligofructose in plants, and is also a natural aid to digestion.

MEAL REPLACEMENTS: for a product to be described as a meal replacement, it has to contain at least 200 kCal (calories) per meal. For this product to comply you should mix with skimmed milk to make it contain sufficient calories (220 kCal). The nutrition information per serving on the packaging is based on mixed with skimmed milk. For a lower carb shake, mix with water, but then it is not a meal replacement.

Total Price: 2.95


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