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Oddsocks Foot Kandy Gift Box

Oddsocks Foot Kandy Gift Box

Ref: SK020

In stock

Oddsocks Foot Kandy Gift Box of 6 colourful socks for ladies, UK size 4-8, EUR 37-42, US 6.5-10.5. Life is sweet, so give your feet a sugar-rush, with these socks with candy stripes, hearts and bows. Pick and mix to give 15 calorie-free combinations. In a re-usable plastic tub which is microwaveable, but do not microwave the socks! Wash socks at 40 degrees C. Suitable for all women, or men with small feet.

INGREDIENTS: 75-85% cotton, 23-13% polyamide, 2% elastane.

NUTRITION INFORMATION: Of no nutritional benefit. Do not try to eat; may cause choking.

We also stock Oddsocks for men, boys, girls and babies, all making good gifts.

Price: 13.49 (Including VAT at 20%)

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